Corporate Sponsorship

The Chicago Jaycees welcome relationships with corporations and local businesses who wish to work with us to improve the Chicago community by working on community service projects, building civic leaders and helping us with our operational needs.

There are three ways to be a corporate sponsor for the Chicago Jaycees:

  • Sponsor an Employee Group
  • Sponsor a Project
  • Sponsor our Operational Needs


By sponsoring an employee group, your corporation can participate fully in the benefits offered by the Chicago Jaycees. You can be a part of community service projects in the Chicago area while your employees gain hands-on experience managing projects, people, and resources. We also offer formal training for our members on various professional skills such as leadership, team-building, public speaking, and project management.

Currently two corporations sponsor the Chicago Jaycees: The American Medical Association  and Peoples Gas. Each of these corporations sponsors a group of employees in the Chicago Jaycees by reimbursing employees for membership dues, minimal travel and training expenses incurred while doing work for the Chicago Jaycees.


The Chicago Jaycees runs and participates in dozens of community service projects each year. These projects have benefited many different groups. These include feeding the homeless, helping needy children, rehabbing homes, and many other worthy projects. We welcome assistance from corporations for any of our existing projects and for new projects. Over the past several years, we have worked with corporations and foundations to provide college scholarships, holiday gifts to disabled children and various other services to the Chicago community. We welcome the opportunity to discuss the many possibilities available.


By sponsoring our operational needs, we will advertise your corporation at every opportunity we have. Our operational sponsors are vitally important to keeping our overhead costs low and allowing us to continue to provide the highest quality of programming to the Chicago community.

To discuss opportunities to sponsor an employee group, a specific project or our operational needs, please contact us at