About Us

About JCI Chicago

Founded in 1926 as the Chicago Junior Chamber of Industry and Commerce, JCI Chicago is a not for profit group of young professional-minded people who are committed to helping their community and serving as leaders. Our projects fall into one of four areas:

Community Service

Charitable public service projects are a primary focus of the JCI Chicago. The JCI Chicago support several monthly and quarterly on-going projects that benefit children, the homeless, the elderly, and other needy groups. We also hold large scale events such as Rudolph School (share the December holiday spirit with 100 disadvantaged school children). There are many more projects, all of which offer members leadership development opportunities when they serve as chairs or sub-chairs of the project.

Individual Development

ID projects focus on building and enhancing Jaycee members’ professional and personal skills so they may become leaders within their community. Examples include leadership training, negotiation skills, public speaking, goal setting, crime prevention, and art/architecture tours.

Membership Events

These projects bring the organization together each month in an informal setting to motivate and activate members. Sail away on a boat cruise, practice your golf swing, attend a baseball game – and just have fun meeting other Jaycee members from around the world!

Ways & Means

These projects raise money for the chapter and for the Chicago Junior Chamber Foundation, which provides funding for our community projects.